Besam Hermetic

Automatic sliding door system



The ASSA ABLOY Hermetic sliding door is especially designed for use in clean room environments where clean, hygienic, well-sealing doors are required.

Sealed – Silent – Reliable
ASSA ABLOY hermetically sealing sliding door system ASSA ABLOY Hermetic is especially designed for use in clean room environments, such as operating theatres, pharmaceutical production facilities, food preparation  facilities, laboratories and other areas where clean, hygienic, well-sealing doors are required.
The ASSA ABLOY Hermetic system consists of operator, door and door frames. It is easy to install for both new construction and retrofit applications. Although the operator is small and slim in appearance, it is entirely  suitable for the heaviest duty applications. During the installation the operator is programmed to comply with the customer’s specific requirements.

No compromise on safety
To permit safe passage between closing doors, the doors immediately reverse if an obstruction is detected, then resume their interrupted movement at low speed to check whether the obstruction has disappeared or not.  f an obstruction is detected between opening doors and surrounding walls or interior fittings, the door immediately stops and then closes after a time delay.
The safety can be further improved by using a ASSA ABLOY presence detection system. People or objects in the doorway are detected and the door is then prevented from closing until it is safe to do so.
A convenience battery is available as an accessory. This is a standby supply, which gives continued operation during a short power failure.

The microprocessor has an integral self-monitoring device which detects any interference or faulty signals in door operation and takes necessary measures to ensure a safe operation. The electronics are grouped in plug-in units. Each unit is subjected to a program of stringent quality tests before delivery.

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Additional information

Power supply

120 V AC -10% to
240 V AC +10%
50/60 Hz
max. 250 W (Power consumption)

Clear Opening Width (COW)

800 – 2500 mm

Weight Support

max. 200 kg

Hold open time

0 – 60 s

Opening / Closing speed

variable up to 0.7 m/s

Ambient temperature

-20°C to +50°

Relative humidity

(non-condensing) 5% to 85%


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