ASSA ABLOY 9016 Control Unit

The complete access control and alarm system


The LCU9016III is a controller for the ASSA ARX system that connects directly to an existing TCP/IP network.The LCU9016III uses a dynamic IP address, communicates using the SSL/TLS protocol, and automatically switches to customer-specific crypto keys in connection with installation.
The controller has room for up to 16 door environments. The controller has the capacity for over 100,000 cards and an essentially unlimited number of schedules, calendars, day types, etc. More than 30,000 log events can be saved locally before they need to be transferred to the ASSA ARX server. The controller works autonomously, which means it can work even if the network is down or the server is not running. The software is stored on a flash memory and can be updated from the ASSA ARX server.

The basic version of the LCU9016III is equipped with a loop board for connection of 4 DAC, PCR or DBL units (PCR and DBL are not approved alarm units). The controller can easily be expanded with up to 3 more loop boards. The LCU9016III also has a separate log event file for alarm-related events. If you wish to tamper-proof an external system, you can install a tamper card or a relay tamper card for the LCU9016III.

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